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Online Exhibits

100th Anniversary of The End of the First World War

November 11th, 2018 will mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. Almost 10 million people lost their lives in this global conflict that was fought on the land, in the sea and in the air. This online exhibit looks at the critical part airpower played in the war, and how it aerospace technology developed during the 4 years of the conflict.


100th Anniversary of Scheduled U.S. Airmail

May 15th, 2018 will mark the 100 Anniversary of regularly scheduled airmail service in the United States. This online exhibit celebrates this history of airmail in the United States. Additionally, in honor of the event, there was an Airmail Centennial Celebration Flight from San Diego to Seattle May 13th thru the 18th.


Women of Flight Anniversary Exhibit

March 8th marks the 108th anniversary of Raymonde de Laroche becoming the first women to receive a pilot's license. The San Diego Air & Space Museum is celebrating this accomplishment and International Women's Day with this online exhibit that showcases some of the Museum's Archival and Curatorial material related to women in aviation.


From Out Of The Ashes, The Phoenix Shall Rise: The San Diego Aerospace Museum Fire

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the fire that destroyed the old San Diego Air and Space Museum. This exhibit looks at the fire, and how the Museum has been reborn and now thrives.


Atlas, America’s First ICBM & Pioneering Workhorse of the U.S. Space Program

In honor of the Atlas Rocket Project being inducted into The International Air & Space Hall of Fame, SDASM is proud to present this comprehensive online exhibit written by Michael Gerow, a volunteer in the Library and Archives.


Wally Schirra Online Exhibit

Wally Schirra is, perhaps, the most symbolic of America’s original astronauts. The only person to fly all three of America’s first manned space programs – Mercury, Gemini and Apollo – his place in history is unique. The San Diego Air & Space Museum owes much to Schirra. A local resident for the last decades of his life, Wally worked to make sure the museum gained priceless space artifacts and was visited by a who’s-who of aerospace legends who enjoyed his company. The museum is proud to be the recipient of many artifacts related to his career, before, during, and after his astronaut years.


World War Two in San Diego

San Diego played an important role during the Second World War. This exhibit examines how the War shaped the region, and the region's importance to the War.


International Air & Space Hall of Fame

From the beginning man has looked toward the stars and aspired to fly. This passage from earth to sky is one of his most noble achievements. From the mythical Daedalus to Neil Armstrong who first walked on the Moon, a chosen few of each generation have been inspired to expand man’s knowledge and capacity in the realm of flight in air and space.


World War I Exhibit

At the outbreak of World War I in July of 1914, airplanes (or known then as "aeroplanes") were still in their infancy. Invented barely 10 years previously, they were made by hand from cloth, wire, and wood. The engines fitted to them were less powerful and less reliable than those in modern automobiles. They were painfully slow and all too prone to accidents. Yet it didn't take long for military commanders to find potential applications and discover the effectiveness of these radical new machines.


The Evolution of Balboa Park & the Rebirth of SDASM

As the Balboa Park Centennial celebration is approaching, it is fascinating to see how Balboa Park has expanded and transformed since its creation in 1915.


Mexican-Americans in Aviation

Many countries have made significant contributions to the world's aerospace history and heritage. One of these is Mexico, whose aviation history begins on January 8, 1910, just a few short years after the Wright brothers' historic flight. This online exhibition highlights some of the Mexicans and Mexican Americans whose bravery helped shape the world of flight as we know it today. It is dedicated to all those Mexicans and Mexican Americans whose hard work and dedication changed aviation, and even now encourage us to make history ourselves.


Asian-Americans in Aviation

Asian-Americans have made remarkable accomplishments in many fields, including medicine, science, visual and performing arts, literature and business. . In this exhibit we highlight some of the Asian-American men and women in aerospace who have blazed the trail for others to follow.


San Diego: The Birthplace of Naval Aviation

Naval aviation has come a long way from the A-1 Triad to the F-18 Hornet and San Diego has been the scene for the entire journey. As such, San Diego is proud to be known as the birthplace of naval aviation.


Celebrating African Americans in Aviation

This online exhibit is dedicated to the story of those who overcame the restrictive social circumstances of the time to broaden Black participation in the growing world of aeronautics, and to those who answered the call and, even now, continue to make history.


Consolidated Convair Online Exhibit

For roughly sixty years Consolidated Aircraft Corporation (later Convair) was synonymous with San Diego and, except for the United States Navy, the largest single employer in the County. Consolidated was responsible for building some of the most important aircraft in aviation history.


Jerry Coleman Remembered

We at the San Diego Air & Space Museum are saddened about the passing of our friend Colonel Jerry Coleman. From his unwavering loyalty to his nation as a Marine Corps Aviator to his dedication to his San Diego community, he was a true hero.


History of the Ford Building

Welcome to Wheels to Wings: An Online Exhibition at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. Wheels to Wings celebrates and presents the fascinating history of the only remaining 1930's Ford Motor Company Exposition buildings, out of the 5 originally built.


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