Library & Archives Projects

The Library & Archives also encourages monetary support for publications and projects to enhance its collections and services. For further details on these needed items, click on the links below.

Current Projects

Digitization of Historic Newspapers

The Library and Archives has been digitizing historic newspapers and newsletters from important Aerospace companies, such as Convair/General Dynamics.
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Digitizing the Still and Moving Image Collection

Over the past several years, our Library &Archives (L&A) staff and volunteers have digitized over 300,000 images and placed them on We believe ours is now the largest aviation related image collection on the web, and it has become very well known among aviation enthusiasts, worldwide. Our digitized collection is so popular, according to the statistics page, that our images have now surpassed 300 million views. We have also digitized over to 5,000 films and placed them on YouTube.
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