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Little Engineers Fall: Curious Creators

Children are filled with a sense of wonder, of exploring, or what's next and this series will foster this potential. Through hands-on experiences, playful, open-ended learning, noticing the small things and the big picture children will develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

When: Wednesday Mornings from 9 to 10 am

What: Discuss Science, Experience Hands-on Activities, and Private Museum Exploration.

Price: $23 a Child/Caregiver pair. Buy 3 get 1 free.

Aug/Sept  When I Grow Up

8/28 Scientist- Don your lab coat to experiment in a variety of sciences

9/4 International Space Station Crew- Astronauts, scientists, engineers all orbiting Earth

9/11 Veterinarian- Pets, wild animals, zoo residents who are cared for by a dedicated medical team

9/18 Pilot- Aboard a plane, helicopter, spacecraft these people combine science and daring

9/25 Architect- Design, plan, and construct a diverse amount of structures

Oct  Space Exploration

10/2 Stars and Suns- Discover galaxies, stars, and our own star the sun

10/9 Moon - Blast off as we discover our moon and ponder life in a lunar community

10/16 Planets- Zoom through our solar system 

10/23 Astrophysics- Explore everything beyond our galaxy and think about BIG questions

10/30 Dia De Los Muertos STEM- Bonus day holiday traditions from Mexico with a STEM twist

Nov  Inventors and Innovators

11/6 Ancient Inventors- Discover how people from long ago invented everyday items

11/13 Women Inventors- Females have creatively designed everything from computer programs to aquariums

11/20 BIPOC Inventors- People of color have contributed many innovations from Ramen, to color TV, to 98 uses of the peanut

11/27 Thanksgiving (no class)

Dec Holidays from Around the World

12/4 Diwali- India's most important holiday about light and color

12/11 Lunar New Year- Celebrated through out the Far East this celebration is about new beginnings and family

12/18 Winter Solstice- The shortest day of the year is filled with nature and spices

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I register two children?

Of course, as long as both are ages 2-5.

Can we stay to explore the Museum more after class?


Can I take only one class? All of the classes? Does my child need to know anything in particular to participate?

Classes are designed to be stand-alone lessons, with no prerequisite knowledge or skills besides a willingness to be curious and have fun! Feel free to pick your favorite or sign up for them all. 

Are we only going to learn about planes?

Not at all! While we love aviation, Little Engineers encourages children to ask questions about the world around them, and find the science and engineering in their everyday lives. 

My child is bright and chatty/shy and methodical/full of energy/not reading yet/reading at a third grade level. Will they be a good fit for this program?

Absolutely. Our lesson plans are highly flexible and child-driven, and all activities are easily adapted to any ability level. Most importantly, our main goal is to have fun!

Who will be teaching the class?

Ms. Sam enjoys reading and discussing books, has a big imagination, and loves to build and solve puzzles.

Ms. Anney loves cats and cows, enjoys reading stories, and enjoys playing and collaborating.


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