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Little Engineers

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Little Engineers Spring: I Wonder...

Children are filled with a sense of wonder, of exploring, or what's next and this series will foster this potential. Through hands-on experiences, playful, open-ended learning, noticing the small things and the big picture children will develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

When: Wednesday Mornings from 9 to 10 am

What: Discuss Science, Experience Hands-on Activities, and Private Museum Exploration.

Price: $23 a Child/Caregiver pair. Buy 3 get 1 free.


April I wonder about Earth- what's here at home from rain and sun, to exploring gravity and how things run, celebrate Earth day with simple solutions and what happens at night and day.

April 19 How can I help the environment

April 25 Day and Night

May I wonder about Habitats- places were animals and plants live from the mountains to the praries to the oceans and beyond. 

May 3 Ocean

May 10 Desert

May 17 Tropical Rain Forest/ Jungle

May 24 Prarie/ Grasslands

May 31 Arctic/ Antartic 

Bonus Session

June 7 Plants I wonder how they grow, what they look like, and why they are different. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I register two children?

Of course, as long as both are ages 2-5.

Can we stay to explore the Museum more after class?


Can I take only one class? All of the classes? Does my child need to know anything in particular to participate?

Classes are designed to be stand-alone lessons, with no prerequisite knowledge or skills besides a willingness to be curious and have fun! Feel free to pick your favorite or sign up for them all. 

Are we only going to learn about planes?

Not at all! While we love aviation, Little Engineers encourages children to ask questions about the world around them, and find the science and engineering in their everyday lives. 

My child is bright and chatty/shy and methodical/full of energy/not reading yet/reading at a third grade level. Will they be a good fit for this program?

Absolutely. Our lesson plans are highly flexible and child-driven, and all activities are easily adapted to any ability level. Most importantly, our main goal is to have fun!

Who will be teaching the class?

Ms. Anney loves cats and cows, enjoys reading stories, and enjoys playing and collaborating.


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