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Artifact Collection

Aero Album Magazine

The San Diego Air & Space Museum’s Library has an extensive collection of aerospace related periodicals, dating from the dawn of flight through World War II. Take a look at a spotlight on one of our local Southern California publications, Aero Album! Although short-lived, Aero Album drew on the expertise of editors and contributors from around the world to deliver rich aviation history content in a high quality magazine format.


Heinz Kappler’s Victory Stick

In World War Two, some German aces carried special walking sticks to show off their aviation prowess. This sticks had markings denoting their combat "kills" and were called “Victory Sticks." These sticks were common in the First World War and any self-respecting German ace had one at his side whenever a camera was pointed in his direction.  A few German pilot's carried this tradition into the Second World War, and the San Diego Air and Space Museum has one of these very rare Victory Sticks on display in our World War Two Eagle Squadron exhibit. The story behind this artifact is very compelling!


Curtiss Model F Flying Boat Model

Hanging on display in the World War I gallery is a very detailed model of the Curtiss Model F flying boat. It is a two-place, single engine pusher biplane flying boat developed from Curtiss’ first successful flying boat, the Model E. The Museum's Curtiss flying boat is a 1/4 scale, scratch built model.


Second World War Women’s Poster Collection

The San Diego Air and Space Museum's Curatorial collection holds several posters from the Second World War that were produced by the US government with different specific purposes but one goal: to win the War. Many of these posters are aimed at Women.


Apollo 17 Moon Rock

The moon rock on display near the exit of the Space Exhibit inside the San Diego Air & Space Museum was collected by the astronauts of Apollo 17, the last manned mission to the moon in 1972. The sample we have is particularly important in U.S. space exploration history, since it came from the area where the age and method of creation of the moon were determined. This was one of the major scientific goals of the Apollo program.


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