Artifact Collection

Apollo Rock Box

Gathering samples from the moon’s surface was so important to NASA that Neil Armstrong’s instructions were to do so as soon as he stepped onto the moon’s surface. He was to put rock samples into a pocket in his spacesuit so that he and Buzz Aldrin would have something to bring back to earth in case they had to leave suddenly.  It is no surprise, then, that the box designed to hold their moon rocks, dust, and core samples was one of the most important pieces of equipment they brought to the moon


Parachute Wedding Dress

The San Diego Air & Space Museum recently acquired a wedding dress with a very special story behind it, that involves war, love and survival.


Norden Bombsight

The San Diego Air and Space Museum collection contains an instrument that was a key to the success of the Allies in World War Two: The Norden Bombsight. Key to the operation of the Norden were two features; an analog computer that constantly calculated the bomb's trajectory based on current flight conditions, and a linkage to the bomber's autopilot that let it react quickly and accurately to changes in the wind or other effects.


TWA B-727 - Flight Simulator

At the top end of the list of ground-based aircraft trainers are the Full Flight Simulators; a combination of both the motions enhanced generic flight trainers and the non-motion, but aircraft specific, cockpit trainers.  The San Diego Air and Space Museum collection includes a Full Flight Simulator built specifically for an iconic airliner, the Boeing 727.  Introduced in 1964, over 1800 of the model were built and some are still in use today.  The 727 was a mainstay for several airliners around the world, including TWA, whose livery SDASM's simulator is painted with.


Aero Album Magazine

The San Diego Air & Space Museum’s Library has an extensive collection of aerospace related periodicals, dating from the dawn of flight through World War II. Take a look at a spotlight on one of our local Southern California publications, Aero Album! Although short-lived, Aero Album drew on the expertise of editors and contributors from around the world to deliver rich aviation history content in a high quality magazine format.


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