In the interest of public safety the Museum temporarily closed on March 16. 

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Summer Camps

Summer Camp 2020

Our community is our first priority.


We are closely monitoring the guidelines being developed by the CDC, American Camp Association (ACA), and Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. (EHE), as well as recommendations by state and local authorities, to ensure that our summer camps remain healthy and safe for all students, staff, and family members.

We hope to have more information for you in late May about the status of our onsite summer camps and/or possible virtual alternatives. 


Below, please find descriptions of our planned camps for this summer. If you would like to be alerted when the Museum's summer camps reopen for registration, please sign up here: Newsletter Sign-up


The SDASM Education Department is dedicated to creating a safe, supportive, and inclusive camp experience. Please contact our department .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with any questions.

Up, Up, and Away

Grades: 1-2
Description: Explore the wonders of flight as you make unique paper airplanes, build and launch paper rockets, and create your own foam and balsa gliders. Come fly with us!

Astronauts in Training

Grades: 1-2
Description: Calling all astronauts! Join us on the International Space Station to explore the planets, learn survival strategies, and build robots, rovers and rockets. This is one adventure you don’t want to miss!

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Grades: 1-2
Description: Ready, set, go wild for a week of all things fast and fun! Join us as we adventure through the transportation museums of Balboa Park and experiment with speed and motion before building and testing our own cars, planes, and trains.

Space Adventures

Grades: 3-4
Description: Discover the solar system, enjoy behind the scenes tours of the Museum, and experience real space artifacts. Test your engineering skills with re-entry drop and payload target challenges created by NASA.

Engineers to the Rescue!

Grades: 3-5
Description: Tackle real world problems with your tool box and imagination. Engineers will design trash collecting boats, landing systems for precious cargo, cars that fly, and so much more! the engineering adventures begin!

Destination Mars

Grades: 3-5
Description: Mars—it’s the next “go to” destination! Build and launch rockets, create your own Martian colony, engineer your own lander and rovers, search for alien life forms, and find out why NASA is planning for human missions to Mars.

Artists & Astronomers

Grades: 3-5
Description: Explore our new gallery, SPACE: Our Greatest Adventure, and draw inspiration from constellations, moons, and galaxies to create unique projects such as galaxy slime, textured moon paintings, and “Stars in a Jar.”

NEW- Ready for Launch

Grades: 3-5
Description: Are you ready to explore our galaxy? Before we board our spaceship, we’ll be experimenting with chemistry and geology, learning how to live in space, and launching some practice rockets.

NEW- Time Pilots

Grades: 3-5
Description: Journey through the history of aviation as you spend each day immersed in a different time period. Hunt for clues, build historic replicas, and test your skills against the clock on basic flight simulators.

Aviation Simulation

Grades: 6-12
Description: Master the basics of flight, navigation, and instrumentation on our computer simulators, before taking over the motion- based MaxFlight® FS2000 later in the week. With instruction by actual pilots, this camp is great for the future aviator! the future aviator!

Girls in Engineering

Grades: 6-8
Description: Engineer your way to a brighter future by creating products related to aerospace, electrical, and civil engineering as we learn to solder, use basic tools, and meet with local experts.

Museum Explorers

Grades: Kindergarten
Description: *Note: This camp is only Monday - Thursday Our first ever kindergarten camp is ready for launch! Travel back through time as we tinker with different forms of transportation, experiment with forces, and follow a treasure map behind the scenes of the Museum.

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