In the interest of protecting the public health of our staff and visitors, the Museum is temporarily closing to the public starting Saturday November 14th.

Summer Camps

Summer Camp 

Thanks for a great summer!

Thank you to all of the families who have continued to support us throughout these difficult times. Your donations, your words of encouragement, and your unwavering enthusiasm have sustained, humbled, and inspired us in our mission, and we are proud to be a part of this incredible community.

Check back in February 2021 for our updated offerings!

See below for examples of camps we have offered in the past, and plan to offer next summer!

Space Adventures

Grades: 3-5
Description: Discover the solar system, enjoy behind the scenes tours of the Museum, and experience real space artifacts. Test your engineering skills with re-entry drop and payload target challenges created by NASA.

Engineers to the Rescue!

Grades: 3-5
Description: Tackle real world problems with your tool box and imagination. Engineers will design trash collecting boats, landing systems for precious cargo, cars that fly, and so much more! the engineering adventures begin!

Artists & Astronomers

Grades: 3-5
Description: Explore our new gallery, SPACE: Our Greatest Adventure, and draw inspiration from constellations, moons, and galaxies to create unique projects such as galaxy slime, textured moon paintings, and “Stars in a Jar.”

NEW- Time Pilots

Grades: 3-5
Description: Journey through the history of aviation as you spend each day immersed in a different time period. Hunt for clues, build historic replicas, and test your skills against the clock on basic flight simulators.

Aviation Simulation

Grades: 6-12
Description: Master the basics of flight, navigation, and instrumentation on our computer simulators, plus engineer prototypes of your own aircraft gliders. With instruction by actual pilots, this camp is great for the future aviator! the future aviator!

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