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World War II Gallery

Axis vs Allies - the world was at war again, and the airplane played an even more important and extensive role in these conflicts. Aircraft production, design and technology went into overdrive in America during this time. See some of the legendary aircraft of this era, including the legendary Spitfire and the vaunted Japanese Zero.


World War I Gallery

Learn about the first fighter "aces" of World War I - the Red Baron, Eddie Rickenbacker, Billy Bishop - and the formidable role the aircraft played in the "Great War."


Milestones of Flight Gallery

Visitors to the Museum are first greeted by the Apollo 9 Command Module as they enter. Also in the Rotunda is the Sopwith Pup Reproduction along with various other aircraft.


Modern Jet & Space Age Gallery

Dedicated to Wally Schirra, the only man to carry the distinction of flying in all three of the early space programs: Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. When the skies were not enough, man focused on traveling to the stars. The Museum's collection of spacecraft and and artifacts, including Wally Schirra's spacesuit and Apollo and Gemini reproductions, tell the story of of the continuing story of space exploration.


Golden Age of Flight Gallery

1919-1939 was considered the "Golden Age" in aviation. It was a time of peace and maturation in aviation, when barnstormers traveled from town to town thrilling residents with death-defying loops and maneuvers, inspiring many of the next generation of aviators.


Edwin D. McKellar Pavilion of Flight

Our beautiful Pavilion of Flight is where visitors can relax amidst beautiful fountains, lush greenery and, of course, AIRPLANES! Some of our larger aircraft are displayed here, including a MiG-17 and F-4 Phantom locked in a dogfight and a beautifully-restored vintage Ford Trimotor. This is also the breathtaking site of most special events held at the Museum.


San Diego Air & Space Museum

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