Social Narrative: San Diego Air and Space Museum

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  1. I am going to the San Diego Air and Space Museum. The Museum is a very tall, white and blue building in Balboa Park.
  3. Inside the Museum I can find planes, jets and spacecraft from America and other countries. I can look at things in the Museum to learn how people lived in the past.
  4. We can park behind the Museum or in front.
  5. If we park behind the Museum, we will walk around the building and up a small hill to find the entrance.
  6. If we park in front of the Museum, we will see a plaza with umbrellas and tables. We will walk past the plaza, a gymnasium, and the Automotive Museum to find the entrance.
  7. When I walk inside the Museum I will see a desk on the right side of the entrance, a gift shop on the left, and I might hear and see an animatronic Charles Lindbergh.
  8. We will pay admission to enter the Museum. Sometimes there is a line at the Admissions Desk. I may need to wait for a few minutes.
  9. I can ask for a map so I can plan where I will go and what I will see. I can also ask to check out a sensory backpack with objects and activities inside to use while at the Museum.
  10. People who work at the Museum can assist us by answering questions. Some workers at the Museum are docents. Their job is to explain the history of items I find in the Museum!
  11. There are other employees who work at the Museum. These workers will all be wearing this badge.
  12. I can find a lot of planes and jets while I’m at the Museum. I should look up high to see some planes hanging from the ceiling.
  13. I will see some an animatronic Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart as I go through the Museum. They are motion activated and will talk and move their arms.
  14. If I need to use the restroom, I can find the restrooms at the back of the Museum. I can find them using my map or ask someone for help.
  15. If I am hungry I can buy food or bring my own snacks to eat. There is food for sale in the gift shop, and in the restaurant on Saturday and Sunday.
  16. I can eat outside on the Observation Deck or in the Pavilion of Flight. If I eat outside on the Observation Deck I may hear and see planes flying over the Museum.
  17. Some areas of the Museum are loud and some are quiet. Places marked with an X might be crowded or loud, and places marked with a circle might be calmer. If I need a break I can go to a quiet place.
  18. There are some places I can go high up in the Museum to get a good look at the other exhibits. I can climb up the stairs at the PSA tower and at the control tower in WW2.
  19. If I go inside the control tower, I can flip the switch to turn off the noises.
  20. There are some places where I can interact with things at the Museum. I can climb inside planes like these.
  21. When I’m ready to leave the Museum, I will tell the adult I am with. I will walk out through the gift shop or through the pavilion and out the front door.

San Diego Air & Space Museum

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