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Over the centuries, the pursuit of aviation has flourished in the minds of millions, from the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci to the rise of space tourism.  The road to success has been laden with setbacks and tragedies for those yearning to touch the sky.  However, for Black Americans, their journey has been fraught with intolerance and adversity.

While many pilots have found their quest to the cockpit a relatively straightforward process, Black aviators have fought for each achievement, often facing not only racist mindsets, but ignorant and shortsighted legislation from the United States government.

With incomparable resilience and steadfast determination, Black pilots have made their indelible mark on the evolution and transformation of aviation.  The prosperity of the aerospace industry has been influenced by the significant efforts of Black scholars, including engineers, mathematicians and administrators—each professional a role model and inspiration for subsequent generations.

In this exhibit, Black pioneers and innovators in aviation history are celebrated for their groundbreaking achievements, feats of skilled flying, professionalism and exemplary tenacity while fighting an uphill battle for equality.  

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