Aerial Introduction

San Diego is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and the San Diego Air & Space Museum has an extensive photo archive that not only documents aircraft and people related to aerospace, but also the history of the area. One of the "jewels" of this local history collection are thousands of images which feature aerial views of our area.  Some of these images are over 100 years old and represent some of the first images taken from an aircraft. 

This rare image from the Krull Collection, shows Balboa Park circa 1918.  

Balboa Park, approx. 100 years after the Krull image was taken.

The images on display here (and the thousands of other aerials on our Flickr stream) show how much the San Diego region has changed since aircraft have been flying above the area.  Or, in some cases, how much the area has stayed the same! 

San Diego, early 1950s

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