In the interest of public safety the Museum temporarily closed on March 16. 

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Flightlines Express

August 2019 - ​2019 International Air & Space Hall of Fame Celebration Set for Nov. 23

Join the San Diego Air & Space Museum in celebrating the honorees on Saturday, November 23, 2019, in the Edwin D. McKellar Pavilion of Flight. Guests from around the world are assembling for a spectacular evening of fun and extraordinary recognition, as each guest is treated to a behind the scenes look into the lives of these air and space legends

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May 2019 - Apollo 9 Celebrates 50th Anniversary at Air & Space Museum

All three Apollo 9 crew members – James McDivitt, David Scott and Rusty Schweickart – were on hand for historic gathering in San Diego.

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February 2019 - Apollo 9 50th Anniversary Celebration Set for March 13!

Apollo 9, which paved the way for later lunar exploration – including the historic Apollo 11 Moon landing – kicks off a year-long international celebration of 50 Years of Apollo at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. Don’t miss out!

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