Air Force

Norman Casson’s 60-year career in aerospace began during the Korean War as a draftee, with service in the Air Force, most of this with the Strategic Air Command under General Curtis LeMay. He was involved with both combat and cargo aircraft, including heavy bombers, such as the B-29, B-36, B-50, and the B-52, in-flight air refueling tankers, such as the KC-97 and the KC-135, as well as cargo aircraft such as the C-124 Globemaster.  

Some of the aircraft Mr. Casson worked on while in the Air Force, B-50, B-36, B-52 and a KC-135 (top to bottom).

Casson served with a combat readiness technical force, an elite “Technical Tiger Team,” a mobile squad of six men per airbase, each having a thorough engineering knowledge and understanding of each aircraft's systems. In the event the ground maintenance personnel could not solve a technical problem, the elite Technical Tiger Team would be dispatched under emergency escort to the “ailing” aircraft, where they would troubleshoot, then direct ground maintenance personnel in whatever repairs, adjustments, or "tweaking" was necessary to get that aircraft rolling down the runway and into the air, within a predetermined “time window.”  During his Air Force career, Norman also conducted the Air Force band.

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