Summer Camps--Filling Fast!

Looking for something for your child to do over the summer? How about spending it at our Aerosummer Camps?

The San Diego Air & Space Museum offers a variety of half-day, week-long summer programs. These classes teach air and space history and science through hands-on activities such as designing and building model airplanes, launching model rockets, and flying simulators.

Our summer camps run Monday-Friday, late June to late August.

The San Diego Air & Space Museum welcomes children with disabilities and other special needs; working with Kids Included Together we ensure that all children have access to our programs. Please contact us so we can make accommodations to allow your child's successful participation.

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Aerosummer 2011 Camp Descriptions

First Flight

Grades: 1-2
Time: July 11-15, 1:00-4:00
Description: Students make a timeline, build and launch paper rockets, and participate in other fun activities that introduce them to aviation and space flight.
Cost: $100 (Members $80)

Up, Up, and Away

Grades: 1-2
Time: August 15-19, 9:00-12:00
Description: Another fun option for our younger students! This program explores flight through making and flying kites, gliders, rockets, and more.
Cost: $100 (Members $80)

Silent Flight

Grades: 3-4
Time: June 27-July 1, 9:00-12:00
Description: Students try out different kite designs, build hot air balloons, and experiment with gliders as they investigate ways of traveling on the wind.
Cost: $100 (Members $80)

Destination Mars

Grades: 3-4
Time: July 25-29, 9:00-12:00
Description: Come explore Mars with us! Learn the history of our fascination with the Red Planet, build a Martian colony and a Martian lander, search for life, and build and launch an aquarocket.
Cost: $100 (Members $80)

Flights of Fancy One-Day

Grades: 4-Adult
Time: July 30, Miramar, 9:00-1:00
Description: This fun one-day camp is now for kids AND adults! Don't just drop off your child - with this camp you get to join the fun. Spend Saturday together flying radio-controlled model aircraft and driving radio-controlled cars with members of the Miramar RC Flyers. Campers of all ages will also build and fly a rubber powered model airplane. Program cost includes tuition for 1 child and 1 adult, and includes lunch - a terrific value!
Cost: $30 (Includes 1 Child & Adult)

Aviation Simulations 2

Grades: 5-12
Time: August 22-26, 9:00-12:00
Description: Finally, computer games used for education! Students will learn the basics of flight, navigation, and instrumentation while testing their skills on computer simulators. Additional simulators will be used throughout the week along with instruction by actual pilots. Great for the future aviator.
Cost: $100 (Members $80)

Extreme Rocketry

Grades: 5-12
Time: August 8-12, 9:00-12:00
Description: An exciting advanced rocketry project for students who are familiar with rocketry or have experience in model building. Students construct individual rockets and work in teams to build a multi-stage rocket.
Cost: $100 (Members $80)
Notes: Rocket launches subject to FAA approval.

Time Pilots

Grades: 5-12
Time: August 1-5, 9:00-12:00
Description: Learn the history of aviation from da Vinci to space flight using our simulators! Students will engage in daily hands-on activities and end each day flying historical planes on our simulators. This is a great camp for the future pilot and a great way to learn history in a fun way.
Cost: $100 (Members $80)

Did You Know We Collaborate With Other Museum's Summer Camps?

Combine two half-day programs to make a complete full day of summer fun in Balboa Park. To view collaborative options click here (PDF).

Become a camp teacher's assistant

The Museum is looking for students ages 14 and older who would be interested in volunteering as an Aerosummer Camp TA this summer. If you like to work with kids and help them with fun hands-on activities, becoming a TA could be right for you.
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