GALILEO: Space Visionary

GALILEO: Space Visionary Special Exhibition Now Open

Galileo Galilei was an Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer who has been called the “father” of observational astronomy, physics, the scientific method and modern science. 

The GALILEO: Space Visionary special exhibition is a hands-on, interactive exhibition engaging visitors by revealing the secrets of Galileo’s groundbreaking science through interactive experiments and exhibits.

With a hands-on simple machines lab, even the youngest scientist can have fun learning how yesterday’s science has shaped the modern world.

Key features of the exhibition include: over 65 exhibits expertly handcrafted in Italy, historical documents, true ‘hands-on’ interactivity, award-winning craftsmanship, a young experimenters STEM lab, unique exhibits and content, and international appeal.

There are several educational opportunities in GALILEO, including: STEM content, interactive simple machines lab, school excursion-friendly activities, and intergenerational appeal.

Key curriculum areas for school groups include: physics, simple machines, astronomy and history.


San Diego Air & Space Museum

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