Special Halloween Movie

Haunted Mine 3D/4D movie

As a special Halloween treat, the Museum is offering a limited showing of Haunted Mine in the 3D/4D Zable Theater Friday through Sunday!

Haunted Mine
Hang on to your ten gallon hats as you plunge headfirst into an old, dilapidated gold mine that just happens to be haunted... Inside this hotbed of mystery and suspense, you’ll come face to face with the mine’s ghostly prospector who will warn you not to venture any further, but your insatiable appetite for adventure will overpower all reason.

Now only some quick thinking and a little luck, can get you out alive...

The movie is included with general admission to the Museum. For more information on the Zable Theater and other 3D/4D films at the Museum, please click here.


Watch the Trailer

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