Flightlines Express - September 2013 Issue

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International Air & Space Hall of Fame Induction

Join us as we honor the accomplishments of famed air and space pioneers. They are some of the world’s most significant aviation pilots, crew members, visionaries, inventors, aerospace engineers, businessmen, designers, spokesmen, and space pioneers. They highlight the importance of technology and innovation.


Halloween Family Day

Come to the San Diego Air & Space Museum on Saturday, October 26, 2013 for our annual Halloween pumpkin drop! See what happens when two pumpkins are dropped from our roof --- one with a parachute and one without.


MAPs Event at SDASM

Making the Tough Decisions and Overcoming Obstacles. Through this high-energy, interactive session you will learn classic principles for overcoming obstacles.


SDASM’s Newest Video

Back in April, we asked the Balboa Park Online Collaborative to create a new video highlighting all of the amazing things in the San Diego Air & Space Museum. We are so excited to share the final product with you!


Gildred Special Collection

From March 13 to 31, 1931, Theodore Gildred engaged in a 4,200 mile flight from San Diego, CA, to Quito, Ecuador. The hazards of flying in a single-engine monoplane made the journey over South America and the Andes Mountains even more perilous.


Night at the Museum Recap

Families explored the Museum in a whole new way on the night of August 23, 2013 – by flashlight! They also found lost treasure in the Ripley's: Believe It or Not! exhibit, made glowing paper airplanes, and were treated to movie screenings before spending the night in the galleries. Thank you to everyone who attended; we had a great time!


New School Programs

Take a tour, schedule a class in the museum, or have us travel to your school! Our Educator Guide is the best tool for teachers that would like to bring science, math, art, and history to life for their students. We offer group and individual activities for every grade level, so we’re sure you can find the program that will work best for you!


Curatorial Updates

We are happy to report that the Northrop-Grumman MQ-8B Fire Scout has found a new home in the Rotunda at Balboa Park. NG donated the first of three flying prototypes some time back and, with this move, it becomes the fourth UAV to be exhibited in the Museum’s entry space. Our gratitude goes out to the Northrop-Grumman team for their generosity.


San Diego Air & Space Museum

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