Wright Legacy: Library and Archives

Our Library and Archives contains vast amount of books and material related to the Wright Brothers.  Below is just a sample of what you can find on our Flickr and YouTube channels.  Some of the most precious of these are items that have the signature of Orville Wright.

Our collection includes a lette Orville signed while serving as Director of the Wright Aeronautical Laboratory.

Orville Wright served as Chairman of the National Aeronautic Association of the U.S.A and issued this liscense to famous pilot and aircraft designer Waldo Waterman. 

Orville presented this portrait to Consolidated Aircraft founder Reuben Fleet on New Year's day of 1945.

Our archival collection also includes images which give insight to the Wrights' experiments in North Carolina.

Image showing the Wright Brothers with Octave Chanute taking a break from their experiments in Kitty Hawk.

Image of Tom Tate, an 11 year old boy who flew on a Wright Brother glider to help them with their experiments in North Carolina.

We also have several rare images of the aircraft the Wright's produced, including and in addition to the Wright Flyer.

A less known view of the Wright Flyer, awaiting testing in Kitty Hawk, 1903.

Photo of a Wrigh Model A, before an ill fated flight where the passenger, Thomas E. Selfridge, would die after the aircraft crashed.  Orville was also injured.

This photo of the Wright Model HS in 1914 shows how much aircraft design advanced in just over 10 years.

A search for "Wright Brothers" in Aerocat, our online catalog, will bring back over 100 results, including....

Orville Wright authorized Fred Kelly to write this right book about the Wrights! 

In addition to this 3 view of the 1902 glider, we have a full set of plans to the Wright Flyer in our Archives.

Our film Archive has some interesting films relating to the Wright Brothers that have been digitized and shared with the public, including the ones below.

Very rare film of a Wright Model B floatplane landing.
"We Saw It Happen: The Wright Brothers" includes interviews with those who knew the Wrights.
This film includes both early footage of the Wright Brothers, and those that were less successful in their aeronautical endeavors.


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