Bibliography and Timeline

May 29, 1935 – Opening Day of the California Pacific International Exposition

1936 – Ford Exhibit closes with over 2.5 million visitors. Fair extends through out 1936

1936 – Ford Building renamed to Hall of Transportation

September 1936 – California Pacific International Exposition closes. Total attendance is 6.3 million

1937 to 1973 – Ford Building is used as for various different functions:

  • Aviation Vocational School
  • Purposed Convair B-17 plant
  • Coastal Artillery storage site
  • NRA Shooting School
  • Bomb Shelter
  • Theater Storage

1960 -- City Council deemed building to be "lacking significant architectural value" and slated to be demolished

1963 – San Diego Aerospace (now San Diego Air & Space Museum) founded

1973 – Public outcry and effort to save the Ford Building. Building placed on National Registry of Historic Places and named new Home of the San Diego Aerospace Museum

1978 – Restoration of Ford Building begins. Fire consumes the Electric Building in Balboa Park. San Diego Aerospace Museum and its collection burn to the ground

1980 – Aerospace Museum moves into Ford Building

June 28, 1980 – Aerospace Museum opens full time to the public

2004 – Restoration of the main Rotunda completed

May 29, 2010 – Ford Building's 75th Anniversary

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