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Convair/General Dynamic Atlas Collection

In March of 2015 the L&A received a two-year National Historical Publications and Records grant  from the National Archives and Records Administration to continue our Great Explorations: Increasing Access to Our Aerospace Heritage program, specifically providing for the digitization of 50,000 Atlas missile and space launch system images. Through the digitization of these records from our one-of-a-kind General Dynamics Atlas missile and space launch vehicle collection, Great Explorations is greatly advancing research into the history of America’s national defense, the space program, the development of the aerospace industry, and the Cold War. 

More information on the National Historical Publications and Records Commission can be found at:

We are very fortunate to have a large group of dedicated, highly skilled volunteers who will continue support of our Great Explorations effort, many of whom have been involved in our successful special projects in the recent past.  Through their hard work, this project was completed, and over 40,000 images have been scanned and cataloged and uploaded to, where they have received several million views.  Several thousand more images were cataloged and are now accessible.  As the collection was digitized, it has become evident that the historical content in it is more rich than we imagined.  Not only never before seen images of the Atlas have been processed, but rare looks at the Mercury Program, NASA, and the Space Shuttle have been preserved.  In addition, we have found many interesting images of San Diego from the 1950s and 1960s.

The Images in this collection can be found here.

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