Be the Astronaut

Now open, Be the Astronaut is a fun, interactive adventure where you are in control as you launch a rocket, pilot a spaceship, and drive a rover in space! Discover the solar system first hand with the help of virtual astronauts, and land on multiple worlds, including the moon, Mars, Jupiter and asteroids. Designed with the help of NASA experts, Be the Astronaut is fun for the whole family and takes STEM learning into outer space!

Scientifically verified by experts at NASA for accuracy and feasibility, Be the Astronaut teaches you about the concepts, challenges, and excitement of spaceflight, through the use of touch-screen stations, artifacts, and interactive simulator pods built to look like space capsules.

 Mission Brief

  • Learn STEM subjects that help you explore space.
  • Blast off seated in your very own space capsule.
  • Visit the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter.
  • Drive a rover into the darkness of a lunar crater.
  • Pilot a lander into a canyon on Mars.
  • Explore the Asteroid Belt.

Throughout every stage of the exhibit, you have your own crew of virtual content experts. These digital characters help you learn what’s needed to fly a spaceship, pilot a lander, and drive a surface rover — then are with you as you climb into the simulators to actually perform these feats, in a thrilling narrative adventure spanning the solar system.

In each space capsule, a massive 70” monitor serves as the ‘windshield,’ giving you a first-person view of your adventures. Touch-screens and an industrial-quality joystick put you in command. During missions, the entire cockpit comes alive with animated lighting effects, game visuals, and sounds that make you believe you ARE an astronaut.

Be the Astronaut's goal is to inspire while it educates, and to create a new kind of visitor experience.

San Diego Air & Space Museum

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