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The San Diego Air & Space Museum offers a variety of group and individual activities that are tailored to meet the needs of specific grade levels. All programs correlate with the State of California’s Academic Content Standards for Science, Math, History/Social Science, and/or Language Arts, the Science Framework for California Public Schools, Common Core State Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards.

The Museum and Your Class

Educational Museum Tours - Our exhibit galleries have a lifetime of learning opportunities.

Educational Programs - Fun, hands-on classes for Grades K-12, taught at the San Diego Air & Space Museum or at your venue. After you book a Museum program, make sure to download the pre-visit materials to help your students make the most out of their visit.

Educational Competitions - We do much more than school programs to motivate students! Watch the Education Section of the upcoming events page for more information. 

Pre-Visit Materials

Download the Teacher Materials (PDF)

Download the Student Materials (PDF)

Da Vinci Exhibit Teacher Materials

Da Vinci Primary Physics (PDF)

Da Vinci Machines Education Supplement (PDF)


Primary Student Activity Sheet Leonardo Flight (PDF)


Teachers Primary Pack Understanding Gears (PDF)

Primary Student Activity Sheet Leonardo's Gears (PDF)


Primary Student activity sheet Leonardo's structures (PDF)


Teachers Primary Pack Inspired By Nature (PDF)

All student activity sheet Inspired By Nature (PDF)


Parachute Instructions (PDF)

Parachute (PDF)

NASA En Español


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