Fly Your Ride Competition 2014

Congratulations to 2014's Fly Your Ride Winners! Everyone involved was incredibly impressed with all particpants' work, and we can't wait for next year!

Middle School

Creativity Prize of $150 - Sebastian Eisenbach and Gregory Martin - Marshall Middle School 

Creativity Prize of $150 - Brandon Matsumoto and Avi Martin - Lewis Middle School 

3rd Place Distance Prize of $150 - Jared Ellis - Marshall Middle School 

2nd Place Distance Prize of $350 - Benjamin Ruhl - Marshall Middle School 

1st Place Distance Prize of $500 - Sydney Stone, Sarah Channel, and Evelyn Tat - San Elijo Middle School 

High School

Creativity Prize of $150 – Whitney Francis, Sarah Guha-Roy, Gracie Young, and Nitika Jain – La Jolla High School 

Creativity Prize of $150 – Christian Connor O’Connell, Tanya Agrawal, and Mykah Marks – Mission Hills High School

3rd Place Distance Prize of $150 – Beckett Browning and Jason Rich – High Tech High International

2nd Place Distance Prize of $350 – Ben Dinklage, Jonathan Martinez, and Evan Graye - High Tech High International

1st Place Distance Prize of $500 – Becca Myers, Killian Henson, Teris Jennings, and Raphael Carrasquillo - High Tech High International 

San Diego Air & Space Museum

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