Speed: Science in Motion

In early February, the San Diego Air & Space Museum will be unveiling a new, fun and exciting special exhibition, SPEED: Science in Motion.

SPEED: Science in Motion will amaze and entertain adventurers of all ages. SPEED: Science in Motion will feature the world’s fastest cars, motorcycles, bicycles, humans, airplanes, helicopters, spacecraft and more. Augmenting the special exhibition will be comprehensive educational materials designed to appeal to and educate school groups.

Designed for explorers of all ages, SPEED: Science in Motion is an immersive experience, testing minds and bodies in a unique and engaging environment. Through simple explanations of complex ideas and demonstrations of how the laws of physics and complex mechanics combine with human reaction and response, the mysteries of peak performance are revealed in a relatable, practical and educational way.

SPEED: Science in Motion will run through December 2018.

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San Diego Air & Space Museum

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