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Newly Cataloged Books
The Library & Archives at the San Diego Air & Space Museum is always adding reading material to its collection. Recently, we have cataloged several books representing the early days of flight. Some of our newly added books:

  • Sir James Martin : The Authorised Biography of the Martin-Baker Ejection Seat Pioneer by Sarah Sharman, with a foreward by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. 1996.
  • Balloons, With an Introduction and Notes by Charles Harvard Gibbs-Smith. 1956.
  • Le Chevalier de l'Air; Vie Héroïque de Guynemer, par Henry Bordeaux. 1918.
  • Aerial Navigation : How Far is it Practicable? / by J.S. Krauss. 1901.
  • Recent Aeronautical Progress, and Deductions to be Drawn Therefrom Regarding the Future of Aerial Navigation by Maj. B. F. S. Baden-Powell. 1903.
  • Manflight by James Means. 1891.

New Special Collection
Trudy Smith Personal Papers: The Library & Archives has recently acquired the collection of Trudy Smith, a former flight attendant and survivor of the 1972 Eastern Air Lines crash #401. The collection includes material related to Trudy’s airline career, the crash and its aftermath, and her later work as an aviation safety consultant. 

New Online Exhibit
The San Diego Air and Space Museum Library and Archives houses over 2 million images and thousands of films and videos. During the process of digitizing this material, we often come across items that leave us wondering, "what is that, and did it really fly? We have created an online exhibit that uses photos and films from our archives to highlight some of the most unique and strangest aircraft every built. Please enjoy this exhibit and keep your eyes to the sky... because you might never know what strange bird can be flying above!

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