“Fling It To Wing It” submissions due by February 1

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Design submissions are due by February 1 for the new “Fling It To Wing It” engineering competition at the San Diego Air & Space Museum

The idea is simple: build a plane (fuselage, wings and a tail), release it from your catapult (throws the plane using potential energy), and compete to see who can fly the longest. It can't be too big, it can't be too expensive, and it can't be too dangerous - the rest is up to you and your imagination! Catapult struggling? You can hand launch your plane for distance and accuracy. Engineering can take on many forms and our prizes reflect those challenges. Cash prizes include distance flown, creative engineering, and creative design for both plane and catapult.

Important Dates
Submissions - Submit your entries by February 1, 2024
Competition - Finals held April 13, 2024 at the San Diego Air & Space Museum

Minimum Grade Level
5th Grade

Maximum Grade Level
9th Grade

Distance – Prizes awarded in each category for the plane that floats the longest (planes may not shed or release any components once released).
Catapult Distance
Hand Fly Distance
Creativity – What was it about your design that was new, special, or original? Prizes awarded for creative thinking, even if your system doesn't go the distance.
Creativity in Design for Catapult
Creativity in Design for Plane
Creativity in Engineering

Visit here to learn more.

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