101 Chuck YEAGER-isms: Wit & Wisdom from America’s Hero

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101 Chuck YEAGER-isms: Wit & Wisdom from America’s Hero, by New York Times #1 best-selling author (sold over 1.2 million copies), the original bad-ass and Right Stuff, fighter ace, test pilot, greatest pilot, a pilot’s pilot, a man’s man, a woman’s man: Chuck Yeager, and his favorite wingman, Victoria.

The book can be purchased here: 101 Chuck YEAGER-isms: Wit & Wisdom from America's Hero: Yeager, Gen Chuck, Yeager, Victoria: 9798849044675: Amazon.com: Books

Chuck Yeager is well known for being the man who risked his life to break the sound barrier thus opening up space and the universe. You’ll be inspired by his wit and wisdom that got him through poverty growing up in the hollers of West Virginia, helped him evade the Gestapo trying to capture, torture and kill him after he was shot down in World War II, helped him become a World War II Fighter Ace against German pilots and flak trying to kill him, helped him survive dangerous, cutting edge test pilot work and more.

This book shares that wit and wisdom to enjoy and use.

Find out why such diverse folks as Gerald McRaney, actor, outdoorsman (NCIS LA); Philip Kaufman, director The Right Stuff, writer, producer; Rabbi David Wolpe, Newsweek’s top rabbi in America; General Charlie Duke USAF (ret.), Lunar Module Pilot Apollo 16; Barbara Eden, actress (I Dream of Jeanie), writer, producer, Col Pat Duffy USAF (ret.), pilot, test pilot; Julie Clarke, aerobatic pilot, one of 1st female captains for a major airline; love this man and this book. 

Some other descriptions of this book:

From Philip Kaufman., director The Right Stuff, writer, producer: “Chuck Yeager was the Ace of Aces. He challenged the demons that lived in the air and was the first to poke a hole in the sky. The heavens were his battleground, but he was also the most down-to-earth guy you could ever meet. He was a steely-eyed straight shooter who didn't mince words or suffer fools when it came to getting the job done right. He was also a twinkly eyed, fun-loving guy who truly understood what the Pursuit of Happiness was all about. Thanks to Victoria Yeager,  we now have this book of his wit and wisdom to remind us that he is still up there somewhere, doing what he always did.”

From Gerald McRaney, actor, outdoorsman, NCIS-Los Angeles, House of Cards, Simon & Simon:

“Several years ago, I had the great pleasure of meeting General Yeager and Victoria. I will admit to having been more than a little awestruck at meeting a genuine childhood hero. Truth be told I still am. Since that time, I have been honored to call them friends.

“Almost everyone knows something about the exploits of the greatest aviator of them all. A few of us got to know the humor of this great man. This book will let those not lucky enough to have known him to get a glimpse at the wit and wisdom of the man from West Virginia changed the world through his work and made it a better place just by being in it. Meet my friend Chuck Yeager.”

To purchase the book, go here: 101 Chuck YEAGER-isms: Wit & Wisdom from America's Hero: Yeager, Gen Chuck, Yeager, Victoria: 9798849044675: Amazon.com: Books

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