Due to work by the city inside the building we will be opening at 1230pm on our Resident's Free Tuesday on May 14th.

Above and Beyond

The San Diego Air & Space Museum is excited to open ABOVE AND BEYOND an exciting, interactive and FUN special exhibition and experiential journey exploring the future flight and the Museum’s location in Balboa Park.

ABOVE AND BEYOND celebrates the power of innovation to make dreams take flight. This forward-looking and interactive exhibit features immersive simulations, interactive design challenges, iconic historical touchstones, visionary concepts and inspiring stories from game-changing innovators, past and present.

ABOVE AND BEYOND ignites a passion for humankind’s greatest adventure: Our journey of flight in the air and space.

Looking back at the history of flight, one thing is clear: the sky was never the limit. From the moment humankind got off the ground, the race was on to go beyond. ABOVE AND BEYOND encourages visitors of all ages and backgrounds to imagine what it takes to make the ‘impossible’ possible.

Faster…farther…higher…smarter! Today, these goals and visions propel aerospace innovators onward and upward, inspire children and young adults to imagine future careers in aerospace and support educators in building Science, Technology, Engineering and Math awareness and skills among their students.

The cost for the ABOVE AND BEYOND is included with general admission to the Museum.

Don’t miss this amazing experience!

San Diego Air & Space Museum

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