Remote Learning Experiences

Designed for classroom teachers, after-school clubs, or community organizations, our Remote Learning Experiences move beyond "passive screen time" into actively engaging children's critical thinking and creativity. 

Experiences last 45-60 minutes, and our educators guide participants through design challenges, inquiry-based explorations, and behind-the-scenes virtual tours of our exhibit spaces. Participants will be challenged to create a project outside the class. Price $165 per workshop.

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Single Class Experiences

(5-36 students)

Lunar Landers

Grades: K-8

Ready for launch? Students will take their learning out of this world as they immerse themselves in the history of human spaceflight through the Museum’s newest exhibit, SPACE: Our Greatest Adventure. Students will recreate historic experiments done in space, and be challenged to engineer, outside the session, a landing system to protect cargo being sent to the moon, using recycled materials.

Gravity Busters

Grades: K-6

Is it flying, floating, or falling with style? Students will gain a basic understanding of the four forces of flight, with a focus on gravity, as they observe experiments taken to new heights and virtually explore the Museum’s collections. Students will draw inspiration from plants, animals, and the history of aviation as they build and test their own flying designs. Students will be challenged to elevate their designs at home using recycled materials.

Engineering Everywhere

Grades: K-8

Everyone is an engineer! Students will go behind-the-scenes in the Museum’s restoration department to explore the hidden treasures of the basement and gain a better understanding of the Engineering Design Process. Students will then apply these practices to create prototype solutions for real world problems. The at home design challenge will focus on maneuvering supplies over difficult Martian terrain, using recycled materials.

Large Group Experiences

(37-100 students)

Flying, Floating, Falling

Grades: K-6

Go behind-the-scenes at the San Diego Air & Space Museum as we explore how we win, and lose, the fight against gravity, plus use paper to experiment with different kinds of flying, floating, and falling.This program will include 45 minutes of facilitated programming and 15 minutes of Ask an Educator to answer questions. To complete the engineering challenges, our educators will use 2-3 pieces of paper and scissors. 

Space at Your Place

Grades: K-6

Explore the newly renovated exhibit, SPACE: Our Greatest Adventure, at the San Diego Air & Space Museum, learn about life on the International Space Station, and design your own paper rocket, all from the comfort of your own home! This program will include 45 minutes of facilitated programming and 15 minutes of Ask an Educator to answer your space questions. To complete the engineering challenges, our educators will use 2-3 pieces of paper, scissors, tape, and a straw and/or pencil. 


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