Apollo 13 - Event - POSTPONED


The “Apollo 13: The Mission Control Story” celebration scheduled for April 11 at the San Diego Air & Space Museum has been POSTPONED due to ongoing public health initiatives.

“We made the decision to postpone the Apollo 13 celebration scheduled for April 11 at our Museum due to ongoing public health initiatives and the recent recommendations by health officials regarding limiting public gatherings to 250 people or less,” said Jim Kidrick, President & CEO of the San Diego Air & Space Museum. “The safety of our guests and employees is our top priority, and we felt it was necessary to follow the guidelines outlined by public health officials during this critical time. We will re-evaluate and re-schedule the event at a later date per public health considerations.”

Tickets previously purchased for the April 11 event will be honored once a new event date has been announced.


Join us at the San Diego Air & Space Museum for the story told by THE actual team in the Mission Control Center whose efforts brought Apollo 13 home safely 50 years ago. Trailblazers, they were young, brilliant and dedicated to American space exploration. The words “Houston, we’ve had a problem” set off a series of events turning a near catastrophe into one of NASA’s finest moments. Their only options were to figure it out, solve it, and get the Apollo 13 crew home safely. Failure was not an option!

Hear firsthand accounts from Lead Flight Director Milt Windler, as well as Flight Directors Gerry Griffin and Glynn Lunney, along with CAPCOM Astronaut Vance Brand, featuring rarely seen video and listen as the mission control team shares what really happened. Don’t miss this historic example of the right team at the right time, celebrated on the very evening Apollo 13 launched 50 years ago with Jim Lovell, Fred Haise and Jack Swigert…destination the MOON.

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate what’s right about America and what’s right about its future…It’s an inspiring story and an evening you’ll remember forever! Sign up now…

Gerry Griffin
Gerry Griffin served as Lead Flight Director for three lunar landing missions: Apollo 12, 15 and 17. As a Flight Director for Apollo 13 he made vital contributions to the survival of the Apollo crew. Joining NASA in 1960, he worked as a Flight Controller during NASA’s pre-Apollo era. Griffin went on to the prestigious position of directing NASA’s space center in Houston. He also worked as a technical advisor on the “Apollo 13” movie.

Glynn Lunney
Space missions are a careful balance of responsibilities between the astronauts in space, and those who assist them on the ground. Without both working together, America’s greatest space achievements would not have been possible. In moments such as the first moon landing and the Apollo 13 crisis, the people of Mission Control have proven over and over that they were ready for the unexpected challenges and real-time decisions. However good the technology, in the end the right person at the right moment, making the right decision, is crucial. Lunney was a vital part of most of these key moments. He was an employee of NASA from its creation in 1958, and a key figure from the Mercury missions through to the Space Shuttle era, including overseeing the first international space mission. Lunney served as Chief of Flight Directors for most of the Gemini and Apollo flights. During the Apollo 13 crisis, Lunney and his team faced the challenge of having to power up the lunar module, while transferring guidance and navigation data to it from the dying command module. His excellent memory and quick thinking were critical in the success of his team during those first, critical hours.

Milt Windler
Joining the space program in 1959 and working on America’s first human space missions as part of Project Mercury, Windler was promoted to Flight Director for the Apollo missions. He worked most of those pioneering flights, as well as all three Skylab space station missions, serving as a Flight Director on Apollo Missions 8, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15. As the Lead Flight Director for the Apollo 13 mission, he was a group recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom (the highest honor given to a civilian by a President) for his contributions to bringing the crew back alive.

Vance Brand
Vance DeVoe Brand is a former naval officer and aviator, aeronautical engineer, test pilot and NASA astronaut. He joined NASA as part of its fifth astronaut class in 1966, and as a member of the Support Crew of Apollo 13, was one of the Capsule Communicators (CAPCOMS) for the mission. He served as the Command Module Pilot during the first U.S.-Soviet joint Apollo-Soyuz spaceflight in 1975, and traveled to space again as Commander of three Space Shuttle missions, including STS-5, STS 41-B and STS-35. 

Clint Howard
Actor, Clint Howard is a familiar face to film and television viewers, having first appeared onscreen in The Andy Griffith show alongside his brother Ron Howard when he was only two years old. His connection to the Apollo 13 mission is his role playing Sy Liebergot, flight controller, in the 1995 “Apollo 13” movie.

Please note: This is a no autograph event.

Evening Events:

5:30pm – Reception

6:30pm – Dinner & Program

Evening Pricing:

Reception and Dinner (Per Seat)- $295
Reception and Dinner (Per Table of 10) - $2950

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