Flightlines Express - March 2015 Issue

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Apollo 13 Event: Tickets Almost Sold Out!

The San Diego Air & Space Museum is offering a special and rare opportunity to meet the astronauts of Apollo 13, plus the key people on the ground who directed the efforts to help save them in space.


Paper Airplane Festival 2015

Come to the San Diego Air & Space Museum for our annual Paper Airplane Festival! As part of Balboa Park’s STEAM Family Day held on Sunday, March 15th from 11:00am-3:00pm.


Summer Camps—Registration Now Open!

The San Diego Air & Space Museum offers a variety of half-day, week-long summer programs. These classes teach air and space history and science through hands-on activities such as designing and building model airplanes, launching model rockets, and flying simulators.


2015 Space Day Celebration

The San Diego Air & Space Museum will host its 12th Annual Space Day celebration! Space Day will feature demonstrations, giveaways, and hands-on activities with local and national space experts.



2theXtreme–MathAlive! is designed to inspire, to spark the imagination, and to reveal not only math at work, but the endless possibilities of math. Designed for families and students, the exhibition brings to life the real math behind what kids love most – video games, sports, fashion, music, robotics, and more – and creates interactive and immersive experiences that bring to life the math at work in each, whether in design, application, or use.


Fly Your Ride! Competition

Welcome to the Flying Car competition! We are looking forward to seeing your imaginative ideas. The idea, and the rules, are simple. Build a vehicle, let it slide down a ramp, and see if it can jump a gap!


Library & Archives News

The Library & Archives of the San Diego Air & Space Museum has achieved a very notable benchmark! Over the past several years, the staff and volunteers of the Museum have digitized over 180,000 images and placed them on the Flickr Commons.


Curatorial Updates

Our newest Museum exhibit, “American Women of Flight,” has been open for two months at this point and has attracted much attention from all visitors who marvel at the wealth of knowledge on the country’s historic female pilots displayed in the Zable Theater showcase.


Jim Weir - Volunteer of the Year

Some cultural institution volunteers do hard work purely out of love—love of the work, love of the patrons, love of the institution itself—and there’s no better example of that sort of volunteer than James Weir of the San Diego Air and Space Museum.


Pie for Pi Day

To celebrate Pi Day on March 14, 2015, the Museum's Flight Path Grill will be serving free slices of pie with the purchase of a combo meal


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our support ensures that we preserve significant artifacts of air and space history and technology; inspire excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; educate the public about the historical and social significance of air and space technology; and its future promise as a pathway to advanced innovations; celebrate aviation and space flight history and technology.


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