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Space Gallery coming in 2019

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The Museum's Mercury spacecraft.

The San Diego Air & Space Museum has a world class collection of space craft, artifacts, suits and mementos scattered around its location in the historic Ford Building in Balboa Park, including in the Rotunda, special exhibition space, and in the Modern Jet Age & Space Gallery.

But there’s the problem: The space artifacts are “scattered” around the Museum.

The Museum is proud to announce that this is all going to change in 2019 with a yet-to-be-named new Space Gallery. The Space Gallery will employ the Museum’s space collection to tell a unique story of mankind’s quest to explore the great unknown outside Earth’s fragile atmosphere -- from the beginning with Sputnik and Explorer One, through the legacy programs of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo, to the Shuttle program, and onto the International Space Station and beyond.

The gallery will also include a section on the latest events related to the space program, as well as a look at future possibilities.

Gemini spacecraft.

The gallery will be informative, educational, interactive -- and most of all -- fun for the whole family, with selfie stations on the Moon, Mars and in the International Space Station, and hands-on learning experiences for explorers of all ages.

Slated to open in March 2019 – which just happens to be the 50th Anniversary of the flight of the Museum’s iconic Apollo 9 Command Module – the space gallery will be free with paid general admission.

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