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The Education Department has been hard at work reimagining “hands-on” learning, continuing to make space for creativity and critical thinking in our new, more virtual world.

Think Tank, our first virtual program for the public, has been a great success! Think Tank is an engineering club for grades 2-5 where young minds come together virtually to share ideas and tackle challenges. More information and registration available here: Think Tank.

Check out our series of at-home STEM challenges here. Using only materials you can find around your house, help Mia design possible solutions to real-world problems.

Our in-house experts answer common questions about all things aviation in the Ask a Pilot video series.

As we continue to adapt and innovate our programs, stay tuned for more updates about the return your favorite programming, including contact-less Family Days, to the Museum.

Summer Camp is ready to launch!
Limited seats are still available in our onsite summer camp programs. We are dedicated to creating a fun, safe, healthy environment for your children, and you can check out our Updated Safety Protocols and Procedures for Summer Camp and register today!

If onsite camp is not in your forecast for this summer, consider joining our virtual program Think Tank Home Engineering Club.

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