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Now Showing: New 3D/4D Movies for 2017!

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One of the highlights of any trip to the San Diego Air & Space Museum is enjoying the 3D/4D Experience in the Zable Theater. And that experience recently got even better with the addition of three fun and exciting new adventures.

Acrobatic Challenge

Join the aerobatic challenge as you take a psychedelic and kaleidoscopic journey through the skies looping the loop. Fast pace and precise stunts make this film a must do experience!

Legend of Apollo

Legend of Apollo was produced in partnership with former NASA and Apollo astronaut, David R Scott, and tells the inside story of the lunar landings with particular references to the Apollo 15 mission.

Night at the Toy Store

Follow a fellow toy soldier on an epic adventure as you race through a busy toy store after closing time. Buckle your seatbelt and hold on tight! This 3D ride film is fun for the whole family!

Be sure to always check out what's currently playing in our 3D/4D Zable Theater!

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