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Fly Your Ride registration underway

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With the support of SDG&E and the ISTAT Foundation, the San Diego Air & Space Museum is looking for students who want to build a vehicle no larger than a shoebox, launch it off a ramp, and see just how far their ride can fly.

The competition is fun, it’s creative, and you don’t have to be a science fair genius to come up with a winning entry. Besides the chance to win cash prizes, participants will also receive feedback on their designs and have opportunities to talk to experts in related fields.

“We’ve seen everything from cupcakes to cannonballs run down our ramp,” said Sophie Wasserman, this year’s contest coordinator. “This competition brings out the creativity and ingenuity that often gets lost in your typical science fair. Even students who claim to be ‘bad at science’ excel in this challenge, because it encourages everything that science education should be about: curiosity, collaboration, and fun. This year’s competition promises to be bigger than ever, and I’m excited to see what these innovative young engineers can create.”

Students from counties from throughout Southern California are encouraged to take part in two age range categories: middle school (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12). All entrants must submit blueprints of their design by January 30, 2018, before bringing their creations to the final competition days in spring: April 28, 2018 for middle school and May 5, 2018 for high school.

There are five prizes in each of the grade ranges, including: 1st prize: $750; 2nd prize: $500; 3rd prize: $350; Creativity in engineering: $350; and Creativity in design: $350.

 Click here for more details and the official entry rules.

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