Fly Your Ride! Competition Finals

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The 2014 Fly Your Ride! competition will be held at the San Diego Air & Space Museum on Saturday, April 12, 2014. Keep an eye out for details as this competition is open to the public, but in the meantime, check out last year's winners!

The inaugural Fly Your Ride! competition was a huge success, and we were blown away by the creativity and ingenuity shown by the students who entered! Congratulations to all of our winners!


First Place Distance Prize - Nicholas Ciepley - 6th Grade. His winning distance was 3 feet!


Second Place Distance Prize - Owen Doring - 6th Grade.


Third Place Distance Prize - Noah Mumford, Andrew Pettit, Alistair Vizuet, Cole Wagner, and Wyatt Zolla – 8th Grade.


Creativity Prize - Avi Martin and Brandon Matsumoto - 7th Grade.


Creativity Prize - Spencer Schoell – 6th Grade.



First Place Distance Prize - Miguel Gonzalez, Andres Perez, Tyler Ramsey, and Josh Smith (with coach Zach Beaver) - 12th Grade – Their winning distance was 4 feet and 6 inches!


Second Place Distance - Jing Liew, Kawai Pit, Isabel Quan, and Raul Sanchez (with coach Martin Teachworth) – 11th Grade.


Third Place Distance Prize - Estefania Vinalay (with coach Dan Rupert) – 10th Grade.


Creativity Prize - Whitney Francis, Sarah Guha Roy, Anna Law, and Brian Thai - 10th and 11th Grade.


Creativity Prize - Claire Arthurs and Kathleen Fan – 12th Grade.

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