2009 Regional Youth Aviation Art Competition

Not only did Leonardo da Vinci design futuristic flying machines for his time, he designed them without the idea of using fossil fuels for an energy source. The San Diego Air & Space Museum and the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority asked students to paint or draw a futuristic flying machine that uses alternative energy sources, not petroleum or fossil-based fuels. The winners have been selected and their work is now on display at the Airport for thousands of travelers to see.

Below are the winners from the 2009 Regional Youth Aviation Art Competition:

Grades 9-12

1st Place

by: William Zhang 2nd Place

by: Fabiola Sanchez Martinez 3rd Place

by: Kiana Lee

Grades 5-8

1st Place

by: Esther Chung 2nd Place

by: Brian Considine 3rd Place

by: Christian Reed Finley Honorary Mention

by: Gina Belli

Grades K-4

1st Place

by: Grace McSweeney 2nd Place

by: Nicole Lewis 3rd Place

by: Haley Webber Honorary Mention

by: Megan Gerjets

San Diego Air & Space Museum

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