Almerian R. Boileau Personal Papers

Almerian (Al) Robinson Boileau graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1926. He ranked up from ensign to lieutenant junior grade to commander. He received his wings in 1929. He flew on the Navy’s first converted aircraft carrier, the USS Langley, and the first real aircraft carrier, the USS Lexington. He toured the Panama Canal Zone, but his health deteriorated due to poor diet and he was forced to stop flying. From this point forward, Boileau remained out of the air for the rest of his 22-year Navy career. He then began to study atmosphere and visibility as a physics researcher at the University of California (Berkeley). Around 1967, Boileau got his private license, and began to teach his wife Laura Little how to fly. Both Boileau and Little also got their commercial licenses. Little was an adept pilot which enabled her to enter the Powder Puff Derby.  Almerian Boileau passed away December 26, 2000 at 96 years old.

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