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Celebrating Women’s History Month

The San Diego Air & Space Museum is proudly celebrate Women’s History Month throughout March. We’ll be posting a series of articles and biographies on our social media outlets talking about the important role women have played throughout the history of aviation and space exploration. Most notably, we’ll focus on women from the San Diego Air & Space Museum’s International Air & Space Hall of Fame, as well as women from the American Women of Flight exhibit at our Museum. Household names like Amelia Earhart and Dr. Sally Ride inspire people to learn more about other famous female aviators and astronauts. Significant women of flight and the events of their day are explored at the Museum’s American Women of Flight exhibit, from the earliest to the latest, covering more than 100 years of colorful history. Additionally, the nearly 90-year old organization of women pilots known as the 99s gets special treatment—not just for its who’s-who list of members, but also for the enormous good they have done promoting women of flight throughout the life of the association. Check back regularly to learn more about the Museum’s celebration of Women’s History Month.

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