March 21st Volunteer Meeting

San Diego Air & Space Museum Volunteer Meeting Notes for 3 / 21 / 16

“Things to Know”— Chairman

  • Docents, apparently visitors may be missing half the Museum—we have heard that a great many get halfway through, see the Pavilion and then exit that way, thinking they’ve seen the whole shebang. Please continue to brief them at the Turnstiles, via the new Museum maps—we hate to have them miss what we have to offer!
  • President Jim Kidrick would like all volunteers—not just Phoenix Flight members—to have access to our e-Newsletter. If you have an email address, be sure to update it with Rossco or Snake as soon as you can—don’t miss out!
  • The Volunteer Photo Board in the Restoration shop by the elevator is for all volunteers—but it’s looking pretty sparse recently. If you haven’t yet got your picture up, stop by Graphics when you can and ask them to put one up for you—they can use your badge photo or take a new one. Show your face proudly!
  • Upcoming Events:
  • April 23rd Fly Your Ride! San Diego County middle and high school students have been designing, building, and testing their flying cars for months! Will their vehicles make it over an ever-increasing gap?! Find out during the Fly Your Ride competition finals on Saturday, April 23, 2016 at the San Diego Air & Space Museum! High school finals will start at 9:00 AM and middle school finals will start at noon.
    • April / May Museum Fundraiser (TBA)
  • Binnacle List—

    Don Ferriolo—has retired due to health issues—he sends his love, and misses the Museum and its people greatly.

    Dick Scheid—out for medical treatment for the time being, he may return to the Library / Archives department after recovery.

    Jim Brott—leg problems will keep him from coming in for the time being—his doctor is working out a treatment plan.

    Ray Fulks—in rehabilitation (and doing well) for knee replacement surgery!

    • Department Heads:

    Terry Brennan, Chief Curator/Director of Restoration:

    Most all of you are aware that between here and mid-May, we will be creating a John Montgomery exhibit in the Rotunda by rededicating the Fleet exhibit. As such, we will be taking down the Montgomery “Evergreen” glider from the ceiling over the da Vinci exhibit and hanging it where the Sopwith “Pup” now resides in the Rotunda above the current Fleet exhibit. That will require us dropping the “Pup” which we will do on Friday, April 8, preparing it for its appearance at the La Jolla Concours d’ Elegance automobile show on the 10th. When it is returned to the Museum on the 11th, it will be hung in the center of the Rotunda not far from where it hangs now.

    Katrina Pescador, Head Archivist:

    SDASM now offers tours to persons who are otherwise unable to visit our Museum in Balboa Park. This is done by the use of a computer controlled televising robot operated by anyone with a computer and internet access. The device used is called a Beam Telepresence Device from Suitable Technologies. Simply referred to as a “Beam”, the device stands about 5 feet tall with a 20 inch television monitor with a remote operator controlled self-propelling base. The device is linked to the internet via Wi-Fi but the operator can be any person with a computer from any location with internet access. The San Diego Air and Space Museum is the only museum in Southern California which offers regular Beam tours of our Museum.

    The Atlas digitization project is moving along. To date, we have over 20,000 negatives digitized and available online through our Flickr site. We recently received two very large and significant collections. One is the Arkansas Aviation Historical Society collection from Little Rock, Arkansas and the other is the Vought Aircraft Company Archives. Both have increase our library size by over 25%. We are now the largest private nonprofit aerospace library and archives in the nation.

    Katrina will be taking over the Museum’s volunteer programs from Rossco Davis. She will be assisted by a new hire, Scott Hazel, who will be joining us March 28th.

    Next Month’s Meeting / Presentation—April 18th in the Education Center Speaker: TBA

    Downloadable Version Here.

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