AeroCat Search Tips

Titles: Titles are easily searched by either significant keywords or the first few words in the title.

Aircraft types: Aircraft with numerical designations such as DC-3, F-18, etc., should be searched using a hyphen and no space. The F/A-18 Hornet must be searched with a forward slash as shown. Some aircraft could also be searched by manufacturer proper name and a number, such as “Convair 340,” (without a hyphen).

Authors: Authors may be search by full name, either first name then last, or last name then first. No commas are needed (e.g., Myron Smith or Smith Myron)

Corporate name: Corporate names (also manufacturers) may be searched by using the full name or significant words. When searching corporations, keep in mind that names change with acquisitions, for example: Consolidated Aircraft became Consolidated Vultee Aircraft (Convair) became General Dynamics/Convair Division.

Word variations: Use an asterisk (*) to indicate a truncated word (e.g., enter bomb* to retrieve all records beginning with the word bomb: bombs, bomber, bombardment).

View/print title list: Select the items you wish to view by clicking on the box to the left of each desired title. To print the list of selected items, click on the green print button at the top or bottom of the screen.

Special collections: Collections of personal and organizational papers. Finding guides for these collections include direct links to photographs and documents.

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