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Artemis Space Launch Live!


With legendary NASA Flight Director Gerry Griffin, Gene Kranz & Milt Windler.

They will be joined by Museum President & CEO James G. Kidrick and AM 600 and KUSI contributor Mark Larson.

UPDATE TIME - Tuesday November 15th at 9:45 pm Pacific at

As Flight Directors for many pivotal Apollo missions – including the Moon Landings – Gerry Griffin, Gene Kranz & Milt Windler have expert insight into the training and technology necessary to return astronauts to the Moon.
As the first NASA flight to send a spacecraft capable of carrying astronauts back to the Moon in 50 years, the Artemis’ program’s massive Space Launch System rocket – the most powerful in history – and the newly designed Orion space capsule represent the next step in human space exploration.
Watch LIVE as Griffin, Kranz & Windler expertly describe mankind’s next giant leap into the future.


San Diego Air & Space Museum

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