SDASM's new blockbuster exhibition The Science...

SDASM's new blockbuster exhibition The Science of...Aliens opens Monday

A close encounter of the scientific kind at the San Diego Air & Space Museum’s new blockbuster exhibition The Science of...Aliens

San Diego, 1.26.2010

The Science of...Aliens - the largest and most in-depth exhibition to examine the possibility of life on other worlds—opens at the San Diego Air & Space Museum on Monday, February 1, 2010.

The Science of...Aliens blends our fascination with life on other planets with the work of leading scientists who used the latest discoveries and scientific principles to imagine alien worlds and creatures, exploring the very real possibilities for alien life. Cutting edge, hands-on displays give visitors the chance to interact with these scientifically based creatures.

The exhibition is divided into four zones:

  1. Alien Fiction explores the fascination with alien life through recent history, looking at aliens in films, television and literature from The Blob to ET to Predator. Visitors discover how these aliens are modern expressions of deeper themes fascinating generations through fairytales and myths since the beginning of time.

  2. Alien Science investigates some of the real but extremely weird, creatures thriving right here on Earth, before embarking on a journey around our solar system. Visitors investigate frightening specimens from Earth's deepest oceans, explore the amazing evolution of life on Earth and find out how this helps scientists understand the possibilities for alien life. Massive globes and an interactive galaxy map explore the latest planetary science.

  3. Alien Worlds features two planets created by leading scientists from around the world. The experts used the science in Zone 2 to imagine the kind of life which could evolve on two fictional, but scientifically credible worlds: Aurelia and Blue Moon. Giant interactive landscapes enable visitors to engage with the creatures, learn more about them and influence their behavior, making them hide, hunt and move around their planets, before triggering world-altering global events.

  4. Alien Communication looks at the search for alien intelligence, demonstrating how scientists are listening for signals from outer space and how they've attempted to communicate with alien civilizations. Visitors are able to listen to space and compose a message to an alien - scientific or spiritual, welcome or warning.


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