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2.18.2009 - San Diego Air & Space Museum Launches New Online Store

San Diego Air & Space Museum (SDASM) announced today that they have officially launched their online e-commerce store site, The goal of the online store is to give aviation enthusiasts a place to find unique and collectible aviation related products. With...


1.23.2009 - Da Vinci Machines Coming to San Diego Air and Space Museum

Leonardo da Vinci remains one of the most fascinating people history has ever known. The San Diego Air & Space Museum brings to life da Vinci's visions and ideas at The Da Vinci Experience, opening January 31, 2009. While Leonardo da Vinci's genius as an artist is renowned, the new exhibition at...


1.23.2008 - San Diego Air & Space Museum: New Exhibit: Gangsters, Glamour, and Glory:...

Opening February 2, 2008, Gangsters, Glamour, and Glory is a period exhibit featuring historical items from all over the United States, highlighting the exciting 1930s. The exhibit highlights a unique period in our country's history; gangsters on and off the silver screen, the glamour of design and...

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