Admission to the Museum is free for Federal Employees and three family members through Feb. 21.
The Museum will be closing early on March 13 prior to our Apollo 9 event. Last tickets will be sold at 2:30, the Museum will close at 3:00.

Board of Directors

Mark Larson


Tyson McDowell

Vice Chairman

Jeffrey Ackley


James Petranoff


Alan Baca

Charles Brandes

Brian Cochran

Peter De Silva

Hudson Drake

John Faron

Martin Garrick

Buzz Gibbs

George Gould

Grayson Grove

Steve Hamerslag

Michael Herman

Alan Johnson

Terry Johnson

Dr. Mort Jorgensen

Brian Keating

Victoria Lakers

Richard Lareau

Dr. Perry Mansfield

Dylan Matzinger

Corky Mizer

Rich Pickett

Ramin Pourteymour

Evelyn Ramseier

Robert Redd

Dr. Dennis Scharer

John Selby

Ivor Shier

Chuck Spielman

Tom Sudberry

Caleb Taylor

Subha Townsend

Norman Walker

San Diego Air & Space Museum

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