Due to December Nights, the Museum will not be having its normal Resident's Free Tuesday on December 27th. Thank you.

Special Exhibits

Be the Astronaut

Be The Astronaut, a world-class exhibit experience that teaches STEM-based content via a fusion of physical exhibitry and state-of-the-art hand’s-on video game technology, is coming to the San Diego Air & Space Museum in February of 2017.

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American Women of Flight

The San Diego Air & Space Museum’s exhibit, “American Women of Flight,” honors the contributions to the world of aviation by women. Notable aviatrixes, such as Bessie Coleman, Jacqueline Cochran, Fran Bera, Sally Ride, and many others are featured.

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Atlas Rocket Exhibit

The Museum is proud to showcase an exciting exhibit telling the story of the Atlas rocket series from the late 1950s to the present using both graphics and videos.

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Kid's Aviation Action Hangar

The Museum opened a special play area for kids, the Kid’s Aviation Action Hangar! This special “kids only” area has an abundance of attractions for kids of all ages.

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Da Vinci: The Ultimate Innovator

Leonardo da Vinci remains one of the most fascinating people history has ever known, and the San Diego Air & Space Museum vividly brings to life his inventions, artworks, machines and robotics with the amazing Da Vinci: The Ultimate Innovator special exhibition, which is now open.

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