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SPACE: Our Greatest Adventure

NOW OPEN!: SPACE: Our Greatest Adventure, a new educational, interactive, one-of-a-kind – and most important of all FUN! -- special exhibition exploring mankind’s quest for the stars and how space exploration impacts our daily lives.

SPACE: Our Greatest Adventure is separated into four distinct zones – Welcome to the Space Age, The Race to the Moon, Life in Space Today and Our Future in Space. With hand’s-on learning experiences, selfie stations on the Moon, Mars and the International Space Station, and informative videos and smart touch screens – SPACE: Our Greatest Adventure is an immersive experience for explorers of all ages.

See the actual Apollo 9 Command Module “Gumdrop,” as well as examples of Mercury and Gemini space capsules and a complete Apollo Command Service Module. Want to land the Space Shuttle or dock it with the International Space Station? Sit in a Mercury capsule? Take a selfie in a Mars space suit or see a life-size Mars rover? Take your photo on the Moon next to an Apollo astronaut? Then SPACE: Our Greatest Adventure is for you.

SPACE: Our Greatest Adventure is free and open to the public with paid general admission to the San Diego Air & Space Museum, seven days a week, except Thanksgiving, Christmas and Residents Free Tuesdays. 

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