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The Archives has many collections of documents devoted to particular subjects, organizations or persons.  We are currently working on cataloging, creating finding guides and digitizaing our special collections.  Here is a list of most of our special collections, which includes basic information on them.  Also, details on many of our special collections are listed below.

We also have a variety of archival documents, which soon will be searchable on the Library Catalog.  In the meantime, partial indexes are avaiable here:

The Library and Archives has digitized several of our rare books, including important publications from Consolidated/Convair Aircraft and Ryan Aeronautical. These books are searchable and can be found at:

Eddie Sanders Special Collection

While a Lt. Commander Eddie R. Sanders was the first Navy pilot to conduct extensive flight tests of a Japanese Mitsubishi A6M2 fighter plane, known to Allies as a "Zero," doing so first on September 2,...

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Wilhelm Schult Personal Papers

Wilhelm Schult was a designer and researcher at Ryan Aeronautical who, in the 1930s, began his own independent research into the flying wing aircraft design.

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Donald Everett Schwarzer

Schwarzer served in the Eighth Air Force 392nd Bomb Group during World War II. He flew various missions, including 23 over Germany, receiving a Purple Heart and Air Medal.

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Louis M. Seeman Collection

Louis M. Seeman (b.1888) was trained and taught at the Curtiss School of Aviation in San Diego, CA, until being commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant for the U.S. Army Air Service, where he saw service in WWI.

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Thomas W. Sefton Collection

Thomas Sefton (1917-2006) a World War II veteran, assigned to troop carrier work in the Mediterranean. Honorably discharged in July 1946, he then worked at the San Diego Trust and Savings, eventually as...

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