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The Archives has many collections of documents devoted to particular subjects, organizations or persons.  We are currently working on cataloging, creating finding guides and digitizaing our special collections.  Here is a list of most of our special collections, which includes basic information on them.  Also, details on many of our special collections are listed below.

We also have a variety of archival documents, which soon will be searchable on the Library Catalog.  In the meantime, partial indexes are avaiable here:

The Library and Archives has digitized several of our rare books, including important publications from Consolidated/Convair Aircraft and Ryan Aeronautical. These books are searchable and can be found at:

Theodore Gildred, Sr. Collection

After Theodore Gildred, Sr. spent some of his childhood in South America, he graduated from NYU in 1918 as a civil engineer. He became an aviator upon moving to San Diego and in 1931 embarked on a 9,000...

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Theodore E Gildred. Special Collection

Theodore E. Gildred duplicated his father's 1931 Goodwill Flight from San Diego to Quito, Ecuador in 1981 in a 1942 Stinson Reliant as a gesture to promote good will between the US and Latin America.

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Donald H. Gordon Special Collection

An aviation pioneer, builder and pilot, Donald Gordon was actually the first person west of the Mississippi River to successfully fly a powered aircraft.

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Louis Edward Gordon Special Collection

Louis Gordon was the co-pilot/ mechanic on the 1928 Transatlantic flight of the Fokker F7 "Friendship" which flew from Newfoundland to Wales in 1928. Amelia Earhart was a passenger on this flight and it...

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Grumman F3F-2 Collection

The Grumman F3F was a last US biplane fighter aircraft, serving in the interim-war period. In 1990, SDASM restored a Grumman F3F that had been ditched off the coast of San Diego.

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