Special Collections

Andrew Lech Special Collection

Andrew Lech was an aviation model maker. His highly detailed models have been displayed at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and the San Diego Air & Space Museum. His models date back to the 1920s.


AP Keith Personal Papers

Alexander Perkins Keith patented an airplane in 1870. The collection includes material related to the patent. Some of the material in this collection is believed to be the oldest in the Museum's possession.


Aram Parunak Personal Papers

Capt. Aram Y. "Dick" Parunak, USN (1910-2007) was a U.S. Navy pilot during WWII, who became the first pilot to land and takeoff on Greenland?s ice cap during the rescue of the crew of a crashed B-17. In just over a month, Parunak was pilot for four such rescues.


Army Air Corps Air Mail Accidents Feb - April 1934

From February to June 1, 1934, the Army Air Corps delivered the nation's mail. Crashes and casualties marred the Army Air Corps Mail Operation (AACMO), but encouraged the Corp to rebuild itself prior to WWII.


Arthur C. Bussy Personal Papers

The collection contains items reflecting Mr. Bussy's career in aviation as a pilot, air race contestant, barnstormer, and test pilot for several aviation companies.


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