B-24D Liberator “The Eager Beaver” (1/4 Scale)

Built by Consolidated Aircraft in San Diego and delivered to the US Army in 1941, The Eager Beaver was ferried overseas via Hawaii to Australia and assigned to the 5th Air Force, 90th Bombardment Group, 320 Bombardment Squadron. It was there that it was given its nickname “The Eager Beaver” and adorned with the group’s “Skull and Crossed Bombs” motif on the vertical stabilizers.

During 1943, The Eager Beaver flew 77 combat missions in New Guinea and claimed victory over at least three enemy aircraft and three ships. During late 1943, this B-24 was flown back to the United States by pilot Charles Whitlock and his crew and used to support the sale of war bonds throughout the country. On June 4, 1945, it was scrapped at Ontario, California.

The Museum’s model is a ¼ scale likeness. It was built by the Museum’s Outstanding Model Shop.

B-24 Specifications

Length: 67 feet 8 inches
Wingspan: 110 feet
Height: 18 feet
Weight (Empty): 35,500 lbs.
Weight (Gross): 55,000 lbs.
Bomb Load: 8,000 lbs. short range
Engines: P&W R-1830-35,Displacement (1,830 cu. In.), Horsepower (1,200 hp.)
Ceiling: 28,000 feet
Aircraft Max Speed: 290 mph
Cruise Speed: 215 mph
Range: 2,100 miles
Service Ceiling: 28,000 feet

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